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13 Mar 2016 
Save first: Financial experts recommend saving at least 20% of your target home price for a down payment. It really stings when you find out that while Zillow thinks your house is worth $300K, nobody is going pay that much for a view of your neighbors front yard with 3 foot tall dead weeds and junk strewn about, not to mention the rusty gutter that detached last winter and still hasn't been fixed so the water is now swelling the wood and the paint is peeling and flaking.

So before you go on a furniture-shopping spree, take some time to figure out what your new budget might look like, and what you actually need for your new home. Watch John Oliver, CEO of HomeStart, discuss the key benefits of buying a home, such as providing financial security and we buy houses fast San Antonio Texas area flexibility to turn a house into a home with your own personal touches.

In the year you purchased your residence, you probably reimbursed the seller for real estate taxes he or she had prepaid for time you actually owned the home. If you view in the morning, make your offer by close of business," says property consultant and motivator Vicki Wusche. For example, you could be making $50K in the midwest and spend 10K on housing, 10K on taxes, 10K on savings and 20K on everything else. You can offer less if, for example, you thinks there are repairs to be done which will cost money.

But if you buy, say, a £100,000 house (or even two £100,000 houses) in a cheaper part of the country, you can use the rent that your tenants pay you to supplement your own rent, in a town where you really do want to live. When you move in there will be no renovations to do because you will have made the changes easily while your house was still on the plan, you won't need to knock through rooms or put in a new kitchen everything will be just as you have dreamed and brand new.

Mortgage guarantees are available for new and existing properties valued up to £600,000 across the UK. Under this section of Help to Buy, the guarantee is provided to your lender on up to 15 per cent of the value of your new home by the Government - rather than you. This means you can put your property's photos on the internet so that buyers may take look at your house. As an insurance claims adjuster- and a recent 1st time homeowner, I have learned several things. You could even meet with a contractor to find out what the damage will be; this could factor in to your offer.

We combined that with our price range and then looked for something that satisfied all our requirements (NOT for the perfect house or for the absolute best deal). In some areas of the country, you may be offered a house at a cheaper price if you buy it with a leasehold. Basically, they arrived in time for me to buy pizza and beer, and acted like they'd done me a huge favor.

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21 Feb. 2016 
Deep Vein Thrombosis and Pulmonary Embolism (DVT/PE) are often underdiagnosed and serious, but preventable medical conditions. There is little benefit in trying to induce deep sleep if this conflicts with the new sleeping and waking hours of the destination. The filter does not reduce the chance of a DVT forming, however, so if you are able to take anticoagulant medications, you should continue to do so after the surgery. The Venowave can be used in hospital or during homecare after discharge from the hospital.

People at high risk of DVT (due to recent surgery, immobility, pregnancy or other conditions) should talk to their doctor before undertaking long haul travel. When traveling on long trips, get up and walk around to stretch your muscles treat dvt at least once every two to three hours, suggests Lori Mosca, MD, professor of medicine at Columbia University Medical Center in New York and director of preventive cardiology at New York-Presbyterian Hospital. They compared those patients with a control group of more than 3,500 people without venous thrombosis.

Recurrent DVT or pulmonary embolism is common, particularly after idiopathic thrombosis or in the presence of persisting risk factors. You may be at higher risk if a family member has had an occurrence of DVT in the past, or another blood clot event such as a pulmonary embolism. The pain in my right leg had disappeared during my hospital stay (likely because of the pain meds, but also because some of those clots were probably what dislodged and moved to my lungs) but now just feels kind of heavy and electric. The gold standard for the diagnosis of pulmonary embolus is a pulmonary angiogram in which a catheter is threaded into the pulmonary arteries, usually from veins in the leg.

A second Phase III trial announced on Friday will examine the potential benefits of Xarelto in reducing thrombotic vascular complications in more than 5,000 patients with peripheral artery disease. The most serious complications of DVT can be a Pulmonary Embolus or PE. In the case of a PE, a piece of the blood clot in the vein can break off and go through the circulation into the lungs. This device is usually only used if a person is at high risk for pulmonary embolism and is not able to take blood thinners. Shots of blood thinners (anticoagulant drugs) are used to prevent the growth of a clot and to prevent new clots.

Surgery and some medical treatments can increase your risk of developing DVT (See DVT - Causes for more information). The use of prophylactic anticoagulants in moderate to high-risk hospital patients is also recommended. Deep vein blood clots typically form in your thigh or lower leg, but they can also develop in other areas of your body. You might need to have a filter put inside the large abdominal vein called the vena cava if you aren't able to take blood thinners.

A pulmonary embolism happens when the blood clot (or a piece of it that has broken off) travels in your blood to your lungs, where it blocks one of your blood vessels. If you are having joint replacement surgery, you will start anticoagulants the day after surgery and continue in the hospital and at home. Elastic compression stockings may be used to reduce your swelling and prevent blood from pooling in your veins in your legs.

It has been estimated that there could be as many as four or five DVT cases per long haul flight with up to 10% of passengers suffering symptomless DVT. Drink plenty of water immediately before the flight and carry on board a full drink bottle of fresh water. X-ray tests can then detect the dye which is shown not to be flowing if a vein is blocked by a clot.

After diagnosis of DVT the thrombus may dissolve without causing any problems but in a minority of patients pulmonary embolism may occur, which can be fatal. In a lawsuit filed in 2013, El-Hanafi said after his arrest, police in Abu Dhabi shackled his feet during his detention, and that on a 16-hour flight to Washington his leg use was discouraged. There are no data to support the use of PCDs on only one extremity or the upper extremities during laparoscopic surgery.

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04 Feb. 2016 
First, you will need to set up a course with the abilities of the players in mind. Also of importance, try to be as strong as possible at the point the disc will leave your hand rather than at the beginning of your throw. The more you go out and play focusing on your technique, the farther and more accurate your drives are going to become as you develop as a player physically and mentally. To fly the plane you hold the Wii remote like you would throw a paper airplane.

That being accurate trumps distance any day of the week and that's very true in certain places, but if I'm trying to improve all aspects of my game - and this is part of it. Being able to park a 350' hole so I don't have to sweat an approach or long putt means I'm way more likely to be able to birdie it. I had also played quite a lot of ultimate before I ever played disc golf, and through ultimate, I developed my skills at sidearm and overhand with a Frisbee.

It's the throw immediately after the give go that really hurts the defending team and gives the offence more goal scoring opportunities. It does seem very simple when you first hear about it, but when you play and realize how hard it is to throw far and accurate the appreciation comes pretty quick. And also white people love it because it is another excuse to complicate a simple game of frisbee by inventing different discs for different ranges and purposes.

Whenever I throw it with someone who has never thrown it before, I literally train them to throw it softly because even a soft throw will make one of these things travel 100ft. Now I'm still only 18, but have been playing disc golf for 3 years and went on to college to play for a D1 ultimate frisbee team and still love playing both ultimate and disc golf! So this thing is capable of flying extremely far distances with only the smallest amount of energy put into the throw. For juniors is to have them throw frisbees one in each hand in the direction of a target (pretty amazing to see what happens).

While kids can have a good time by simply tossing a Frisbee back and forth with their friends, they might have even more fun if you organize Frisbee games for them to play. If you spend a lot of time lining up your putt and focusing when you throw a round, do not rapid-fire putt during practice. I used the frisbee drill last summer for my junior program and it was a lot of fun for me and to watch.

I too only use the forehand shot when absolutely necessary, because I just don't have the confidence in the shot that I do with either a backhand or hammer throw. The Stance - Stand sideways to the direction that you want the frisbee to go. (Use your shoulder as a pointer.) Your feet should be about shoulder width apart, your knees slightly bent and most of your weight on how to throw a frisbee the back foot.

Before I started I had only thrown a regular Frisbee a couple times but liked the outdoors and concept so I started with a couple friends and how to throw a frisbee far and accurate my fiance. I once joined an ultimate Frisbee league strictly for the pleasure of kicking the crap out of hippies. And there really aren't many golfers who can throw for real much past a football field with any consistency - probably not more than a few thousand at this point.

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31 En 2016 
In the final segment of a 3-part video series on raw food diets for pets, Dr. Becker discusses why these diets get a bad rap. It's no surprise that there are a number of raw feeding co-ops across the country where members are committed to optimal nutrition for their four legged companions. Although one animal is by no means enough to declare conclusively that raw digests slower than kibble in every instance, the results strongly suggest that the broad blanket statement that raw digests faster than kibble" is false. What's certain is that folks are increasingly abandoning commercial dog food in favor of alternatives.

When I tried to explain to her that living foods are not toxic to her system but that her gastrointestinal health is so poor she can't tolerate the foods her body was designed to eat, she laughs and says, Well, whatever." But actually, her body's poor reaction to any healthy food is her excuse to not eat well. Now that I have found Raw Paws, I LOVE the DIY raw route for most of his meals (I still need to feed freeze-dried when we go camping, obviously). Many, many vets, as well as breeders, feed their dogs a raw or combination, &/ or homemade diet.

Yet for some reason even most advocates of BARF diets for BARF dogs don't eat primarily raw plants, insects, and the occasional bit of scavenged or deliberately killed raw meat that evolutionary nutrition" would suggest they should be eating. Raw vegetables must be pureed in a food processor, blender, or juicer in order to be digested properly by dogs, though whole raw veggies are not harmful and can be used as treats. Multivitamin, Joint Care and Digestive Enzyme supplements designed specifically for dogs and cats and formulated especially for raw feeders. I also gave her raw bones a few times a week and a bowl of grain-free dog biscuits to snack on during the day.

Additional benefits may also include pain relief for muscles and arthritic joints, a urinary tract cleanser and improved circulation. People have different ideas about the raw diet and my suggestion if you become confused, is NOT to go back to commercial foods, but start thinking about what is best for your dog (or cat). We offer our own delivery service around where we're based in lovely Yorkshire ( check your postcode ) and we deliver raw dog food and all the other bits via courier to the rest of the UK.

Our ancestors ate raw food for millennia prior to the discovery of fire, and our nearest living BARF relatives, chimpanzees, don't cook their food. I feed three nuggets mashed into a cup of high quality dry food in the morning, and two nuggets at night. If your dog is on a natural diet, and not snacking and eating dry food throughout the day, she is going to feel full and not be begging for food all the time.

Raw whole eggs with shells (a perfect ratio of phosphorous to calcium) can be fed two or more times per week. EVO dog food is a gently prepared diet that provides benefits that match a raw or home cooked high meat diet. You can also try checking the yellow pages or online directories and websites for specialty butchers or manufacturers who deliver frozen meats of different varieties. Some people think dogs are omnivores, meaning they are designed to eat both vegetation and meat.

There is now a premium placed on carcasses rejected from human consumption as they can be used for expensive raw diets. Look at your dogs and cats regularly - if they are looking a bit porky, then remove all carbs in their diet. Sure that's nine minutes more then you have to spend now but when you look at what is in commercial dog food you'll see it's well worth it.

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23 En 2016 
As Clancy and I watch Game 6 of the NHL Stanley Cup Finals (we're big hockey fans), here's a quick, funny and cute dog trick video poking fun at the Tampa Bay Lightning fans. If your dogs are anything like mine, they love digging through their precious pile and bringing out their beloved toys one by one, leaving a lovely scattered array of stuffed squirrels and squeaky balls all over your living room floor. Teaching your dog to give their paw for a handshake is a pretty standard trick that's easy to teach. The next part is getting your dog to leave their paw for a quick nail trim, which can be a struggle for many pups. The trick with this one is to take it slow, and incrementally adjust your dogs to getting their nails clipped, buffed, and painted (okay, maybe not the last one).

From pirates to pigs, fairies to elephants, something about a dog dressed up in a costume is just too cute not to do. However, making sure your dog is comfortable and calm in clothing is key before deciding on a costume. Start by taking a simple article of clothing such as a pumpkin bandanna, or a light weight t-shirt like dog training our Ghost Dog Tee. If your dog seems to like dressing up and is not bothered by the Cute Dog Trick clothing, then a costume could be the next step! If it's too loose it can get stuck on objects or cause your dog walking issues from tripping over the excess fabric.

I used to live near Old Town Alexandria in northern VA, and they're BIG on dog-friendly activities, including trick or treat (not on actual Halloween). He gets awfully excited and quite frankly there are a lot of people that get nervous bout dogs and I won't cause them discomfort. As much as I would love to take my dog out trick-or-treating, he doesn't get along with people and it definitely would not agree with him LOL. I lost my 17 year old dog, and my 15 year old dog and one of my 16 year old goats in the past three months.

Your dog should be able to go in and out (or weave) through a series of poles in a dog agility training course. Using the command weave" walk your dog through the poles with the first pole passing your dog's left shoulder. Position your dog facing down the pole line and holding a treat in your hand, lead your dog through the poles again ,but instead of you walking through the poles, make sure your dog only weaves through the poles. If needed, lead your dog by holding onto their collar or a short leash to make sure they are properly weaving in and out of the pole course.

Anyone who loves gorgeous photos of an expressive, active dog will love Cricket's account. Momo of Find Momo fame Everyone loves Andrew Knapp's photos of his dog Momo hiding in plain sight. Both human and dog are full of personality and fun, and this account is at once entertainment and inspirational photography. Ginny really doesn't need an introduction - I mean, it's Ginny the bacon-noshing-cute-nap-taking-mud-puddle-jumping super hero dog. BarkBox is a company that delivers a box of surprise goodies to your dog on a monthly basis. They feature photos of the many subscribers to BarkBox as well as other adorable dogs from around Instagram.

Your dog should be able to go in and out (or weave) through a series of poles in a dog agility training course. Using the command weave" walk your dog through the poles with the first pole passing your dog's left shoulder. Position your dog facing down the pole line and holding a treat in your hand, lead your dog through the poles again ,but instead of you walking through the poles, make sure your dog only weaves through the poles. If needed, lead your dog by holding onto their collar or a short leash to make sure they are properly weaving in and out of the pole course.

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